An actor of the defense sector, European leader on its market, reflects upon investments opportunities in its industrial tool and the increase of its production capacity


> Market and strategic positioning analysis : Review of demand predictions, competition and customer positioning analysis, interviews with a panel of experts and players of the sector.

˃ Identification of strategic options : characterization of opportunities, analyze of the capacities and constraints of the client, validation of options

> Creation of the strategic plan, prioritization and creation of the strategic roadmap taking into account the planning of upcoming investments with associated ROI


3 drivers of growth were identified, described and prioritized with a detailed implementation plan :

> Increase of the production capacity on segments with high-growth potential and low competition (from 25% to 100% depending on segments)

> Improvement of manufacturing process and reduction of the cost structure on 2 segments of products considered as core businesses, to improve their profitability (+10% to 20%)

> Commercial investments in foreign competitive markets with big opportunities