In the context of a strong growth of its activity and a growing complexity of the supply of its precious stones, the customer chose Maexinvent to clarify the governance and to define a new organization to secure and optimize the value chain of the precious stone.


We proceeded in 3 steps:

1. An inventory carried out by accompanying 3 projects of new collections representative of the complexity of the chain

> To make teams work differently to understand the difficulties of internal and external actors

> “Map” the value chain associated with the project

2. Organization Target Design:

> Formulation and clarification of the key principles (stemming partly from the areas of improvement and strategic objectives)

> Redesign and simplification of precious stones segmentation at the crossroads of product and market specificities

> Risks anticipated and development of an anticipation mindset

> Declination on each process of the roles and responsibilities and zoom on the hard points

> Definition of governance rituals

> Allocation of the nominative organization (organization charts, mobilities / recruitments, need for support)

3. Changeover to the target

> Focus of the main actors on a list of priorities with a project approach

> Support priority projects and ramping up of new roles and new resources


The new organization has made it possible to:

> Secure sourcing by strengthening the purchasing team in its role and skills

> Develop a high level of skills