About us


Maexinvent is a top management consulting firm with a high added value that helps its customers on strategic & operational issues.

The firm shares with its clients its expertise in driving and realizing large industrial projects. Maexinvent then broadened its scope of activity to sectors such as health, luxury, aeronautics and distribution.

Its Paris office is today positioned in 3 sectors:
– B to C companies in consumer goods, luxury goods, distribution as well as in utilities (transport, environment,…) for industrial, Marketing and Commerce subjects.
– Defence and Aeronautics.
– Process industries.


We bring together varied and experienced profiles from the largest strategic consulting firms and the best engineering and business schools in Europe.

Our teams have a solid scientific and economic foundation and are constantly working to enrich their skills

They have developed a unique adaptability that allows them to be able to understand and solve problems with variable geometry. And so, to make the link with the strategic issues of the company and to advise the leaders in a relevant way.

We believe that digital transformation, the race for competitiveness, innovation, the management of complexity are not inevitable. The acceleration of company changes is an opportunity for the collective within and around the company to emerge as a new intelligence that creates meaning, fulfillment, and added value for its ecosystem. We believe in a new leadership where trust replaces control, where it can be replaced. Of course, this change is not done naturally, the rules of convergence are to be defined.

Let’s accelerate, adapt and innovate together.

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Our commitments

> Our approach is results-driven

> We identify the contribution of each function in value creation

> We support functions in value creation

> We identify the levers of operational excellence and involve the teams in the project

> We see ourselves as co-actors with you and assume a shared responsibility

> We offer recommendations and solutions that have a lasting impact on your performance

> We are building a solid foundation to support your future growth