From diagnostic to the presentation of results, maexpartners commits with your teams to provide you a tailored transformation and sustainable growth

Analyzes & creative strategies

We conduct customized analyzes and build strategies to overcome objectives shared with your teams

Based on our analysis methodology for evaluating operations and management systems, as well as mindset and behavior:

• We assess your company by comparing your overall situation with industry practices and metrics

• We identify and prioritize the root causes of non-performance

• We design with your teams a desired situation with ambitious but achievable goals

Co-actors in the solutions

Our close collaboration with your teams is the key to a successful mobilization towards the most accessible solutions

Going beyond traditional consulting or lean experts, we immerse ourselves in your teams to:

• Develop a deep understanding of your company – from culture to all organizational layers – to ensure the buy-in and adoption of solutions

Prioritize between urgent and important issues to define the most impactful solutions and trigger mobilization through quick wins

Measurables & sustainables results

We adopt pragmatic solutions to achieve high value-added results

To raise your level of competitiveness and permanently improve your results:

• We drive mindset and behavior changes by achieving results and implementing transformational steps at all levels, including production line

• We bring immediate, tangible and sustainable results by tackling containment actions while building long-term improvements

Drive & Grow

We support you at all levels with an approach that ensures sustainable growth

We assemble for you an international and experienced team of consultants with operational profiles and a strong client oriented mindset to advise executives, support decision making and to drive transformation