Implementation of an industrial planning system

The Master & Production Schedule system had a very low level of maturity, leading the organization working mainly on a reactive mode instead of anticipation and mitigation mode.

Transformation program of a  component supplier indutrial plant

A key production site of a major equipment manufacturer was facing a severe production crisis (4 months of delay at the start of serial production) : poor program management, poor industrialisation robustness, poor production process capability, lack of performance monitoring system, lack of supply chain & procurement strategy (100% of single source suppliers, lack of rate readiness assessment)…

Steering reorganisation / of the value chain management

In the context of a strong growth of its activity and a growing complexity of the supply of its precious stones, the customer wanted to clarify the governance and to define a new organization to secure and optimize the value chain of the precious stone.

5 years investment and strategic plan

An actor of the defense sector, European leader on its market, reflects upon investments opportunities in its industrial tool and the increase of its production capacity

Transformation program of a  component supplier indutrial plant

A major program in development phase had to face a triple challenge related to technological breakthroughs, volume levels to be reached in serial production phase and the speed of the ramp-up. The management wanted to secure industrialization and the ramp-up phase at the level of its external supply chain

Industry 4.0 – Digital Plant of the Future

A European leader of paint production suffers from a lack of operational and efficient standards and lack of central governance. The objective is to improve Return on Sales by 50% within 2 years through a digital transformation plan aiming at improving productivity and efficiency.

Production system improvement and reliability of a 4000 people industrial plant

A major production site (~4000 FTEs) of an OEM was facing its 2nd recovery plan in a row to meet its production targets in a context of a ramp up
Maexinvent was hired to set the basis for a robust and sustainable production system to secure continuous ramp up of the program and avoid an additional costly recovery plans.

Industrial strategy to increase production capacity

A luxury house leader in its market had its internal and external capacities saturated. The company wanted to identify all the required capacity levers in terms of external needs and define an industrial strategy for profitable growth.