To enrich its digital expertise in terms of Smart & Big data, Maexinvent relies on its partner FDTI Consulting to help you to take full advantage of your corporate and external data. 

FDTI Consulting is a data-driven management consulting firm created in 2019. Its goal is to provide executive managements with a more accurate view of their activities and the underlying dynamics that drive them, as well as recommendations on the best ways to optimize their business.

Using data in the right way is becoming essential to companies with ever-growing new technologies; FDTI Consulting committed to helping its clients prospers in this new paradigm

FDTI  Consulting uses data science to create tailor-made predictive models of strategic process, and deliver the products that best fit every mission : strategic roadmaps, automated reporting, web applications, APIs…

After a master in Financial engineering from SUPAERO and an experience in an asset management fund, Jean worked in strategy consulting as a data scientist before founding FDTI-consulting. His everyday challenge is to deliver practical solutions to his client’s business issues by estimating mathematical models

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” John Naisbitt
Quentin BONIS
Having focused his college education on applied machine learning at SUPAERO, Quentin worked as a Geo-Information Data Scientist, with a strong emphasis on deep-learning research. He then chose to embark on the FDTI journey to apply and further expend his knowledge, while pursuing his passion.

“The first step is to establish something is possible; then probability will occur” Elon Musk
Killian GODEAU
Prior to FDTI-consulting, Killian worked in an investment bank in London then in a management consulting firm with a high added value to help his customers on strategic & operational issues in Germany. Killian holds a Master of Science degree with a focus on Aeronautics & financial engineering from SUPAERO.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci